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The Republic of Gabon is a former French colony with a longstanding stable political climate. In 2002, its President Omar Bongo Ondimba put Gabon firmly on the map as an important ecotourism destination by nominating more than one tenth of the country as 13 national parks. Percentage-wise, only Costa Rica has set aside more land for conservation.

Gabon enjoys one of Africa's highest per capita incomes thanks to its vast natural reserves of oil, gas, tropical timbers, manganese, iron, diamonds and gold. Its geographic position, its adherence to the CFA franc zone, the richness of its natural resources, its sound banking system and communication facilities make it an attractive country for foreign investors and travellers alike.

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The Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation for the Family proves a vocal advocate of women’s and children’s rights, driving social change and transforming lives
Autumn 2013: Gabon boosts Afro-optimism through its hosting of New York Forum Africa 2013, the continent’s most important business conference, and spearheads a major regional vocational training initiative for young people
Summer 2013: Behind the front lines of the battle against the clandestine cross-border ivory trade with Gabon's national parks guards